Be an XS Real NRI

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As an NRI, bear the following in mind while buying property in India

  • NRIs holding a valid Indian passport do not require permission to acquire residential property in India, either from RBI or any other authority
  • NRIs can pay for the property they acquire either by remitting the consideration amount directly from their overseas accounts or from NRO/NRE/FCNR accounts they hold in India
  • A crucial part of acquiring property entails going through every detail in the title report of the property prepared by the developer's solicitor; it should be a thorough reading, including fine print and any reservations noted by the particular State government where the property is located
  • A thorough check of all clearance reports is essential as home loans will not be granted if a property is disputed in any way

Be an XS Real NRI!

The NRI, needless to say, enjoys a privileged position on the straight road to lasting happiness. A slew of benefits stand in line to welcome the XS NRI—government regulations, loan eligibility, documentation, payment options, or rental services for the properties they buy from us.

XS Real xqsit ,a manifestation of XS Real's pioneering concept, the Bungalow Apartment, are living spaces built to accommodate the tastes, preferences and lifestyles of NRIs. The XS Real bouquet has other options too for an NRI to choose from: XS Real Vibe and XS Real FaiSquare. Although the three variants represent unique architectural concepts, they have a common thread running through them–XS Real commitment to quality at every stage of a construction. In other words, all the three variants reflect the fundamental principles that XS Real follows for all its constructions–aesthetics, attention to detail, and the passion to fill every home with positive energy. Together, they uphold the XS Real promise to put the homebuyer on the straight road to lasting happiness. Choose your dream house from an exciting array of on-going projects being built to set industry standards. Be an XS Real NRI!