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Chennai’s favourite hangout was not a mall

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Though the beach is an uninterrupted stretch of sand from the Harbour to Adyar and beyond, the name Marina is associated with the 3 ½ km distance between the mouth of the Cooum river and the Lighthouse. The idea of

Did you know that Mylapore is older than Chennai?

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Often considered the cultural heartland of Chennai, Mylapore is also one of the oldest parts of the city. Long before Madras, Mylapore existed. Ptolemy the Greek had written of the great port of Maillarpha and to the Arabs of the

Chennai – a city is born

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In July 1639, an Englishman came down the Coromandel Coast. He was looking for a place to set up business on behalf of the East India Company (EIC). The earlier settlements at places such as Surat and Masulipatnam were unprofitable