Completed Project

Casa XS


96 elegant apartments spread across six blocks feature one great similarity - openness. Well-lit corridors lead to quaint picket gates in the foyer of every home. Attention to detail, space and a reassuring sense of privacy make these contemporary homes, sought after.

Location: Manapakkam, Chennai.

Casa XS


Mrs. C. Sashikala

Dear Yogeshwaran,

It was pleasure meeting the team of XS REAL.......
We need to learn from your team what is Relationship building and Value of Customer satisfaction and Happiness

We can compare your selves to Royal Government Bhutan whose GDP is calculated on GNH...gross national happiness work towards Happiness of your customers...proud of you all.

Living in CASA XS since a decade,we are trying to maintain the Ambience you have created for our Dream Daughter's..Vandana Priyadharshini...she is a proud mother of two boys...all of them are conveying their regards to the entire team from D.C,U.S

Good big Pat on your backs and a feather on your hat.

All the best in all your future Endeavors.

Warm regards from the entire family,friends from AS1,CASA XS.


Mrs. Vandana Priyadarshini, CASA XS

Apartment No. AS-1, CASA XS

Manager - Strategic Communications Specialist,
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Washington, USA.
(As told by their POA, Mrs. C. Sashikala, Administrator, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai.)

Congratulations for getting the Best Builder Award for 2004 for Velachery Project. However, we live in the PRIDE of your building team of 2001.You have given us a fabulous ambience to lead our lives in peace, we cherish each nook and corner of CASA XS.

Be in touch with your future projects.

On behalf of Vandana and Anil I wish the entire team ALL THE BEST IN YOUR LIVES.

Mrs. C. Sashikala

Ms Priya Chakravarthy, CASA XS

Apartment No. EG-2, CASA XS, Flight Attendant, British Airways

CASA XS is like a breath of fresh air. It is refreshingly different in terms of concept and design. It is almost like living in a park; with plenty of fresh air, water, natural light and different ways to keep fit... like swimming, multi-station gym and games. All this of course, is essential for a healthy lifestyle. CASA XS is far away from pollution, yet close to the city center!

Ms. Priya Chakravarthy

Mrs. Girija Jagannath, CASA XS

Apartment No. DS-2, CASA XS, Entrepreneur

I was surprised to hear about the prevailing rents at CASA XS. It was music to my ears! When I decided to rent out my apartment at CASA XS, I was jubilant. I was being offered the same rent that prevails in Adyar or T.Nagar. All this, inspite of paying a much lower price for the property. It was like getting 100% rent on 50% investment.

What's more, because of developments like The Chennai Trade Centre, land prices in the area have literally gone through the roof! I am glad that I made a sound investment.

Mrs. Girija Jagannath