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  • Building on history

    The Hindu on March 10, 2012.

    From Tuscan architecture and Bali-inspired homes to Pallava-style apartments and Spanish villas, city builders are experimenting with designs from cultures across the world, says RINI MUKKATH

    When real-estate giants say step into a Spanish villa, an eco-friendly home, or a modernist apartment you are bound to want in on the deal. There is a growing trend among builders in Chennai to attract customers with international concepts and architectural designs. Marketing plays a huge role in how a product is packaged and made appealing, "It's all about roping in your target audience with a product that they desire. The consumer context is very crucial when a builder has to develop designs," says Fuzail Sait, brand executive of a consumer goods firm. From traditional Indian designs to European-inspired structural design, builders in the city are moving away from the mundane to the swish.