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Sitting on a huge pile of cash can at once be a liberating feeling of freedom as well as an omen of doom–which of the two merit greater respect is essentially a question of personal values and outlook. However, there is no denying which of the two will lead to "the straight road to lasting happiness." Having made this promise and avowed to uphold it in every respect, XS Real makes it its mission to "Say no to cash in real estate transactions." It is a policy that is followed stringently at XS Real to facilitate payment of legitimate taxes that can only help India flourish as a clean economy.

On the downside, the unchecked proliferation of unaccounted cash that exists in the real estate sector results in nothing but unaccountability. As an ethical property developer, we expect all our stakeholders to support us in our mission to "Say no to cash in real estate transactions."

Since inception, and long before it became a subject of popular discussion, XS Real has been an avid practitioner of the policy to "Say no to cash in real estate transactions."

This page serves as a forum to focus on the many ills of dealing in unaccounted cash. Video clips and print advertisements reproduced on this page highlight issues related to the unchecked proliferation of black money into the economy via the real estate route. The discussions and advertisements hold out a plethora of views and opinions. For example, one view is that black money fuels terrorism.

You are welcome to send in your valuable feedback on the subject. It may win you one of the many prizes on offer from XS Real.

Your view on black money proliferation

See what happens if you don't say no to cash

  • Black Money Transactions have become so widespread that it has started affecting the exchequer. So much so that several departments are now working together to prevent the creation of black money and sometimes the effect on individuals could be unfortunate.

  • It doesn't pay to be weighed down with Black Money. Slowly and steadily all hiding places for unaccounted wealth is getting exposed and destroyed.

  • There are no magical solutions with Black Money. It is a headache whatever is the source. The smartest thing is to prefer the alternate - Accounted White Money!

  • The authorities are slowly and steadily bringing in several norms to flush out Black Money in Real Estate. Very soon this market will go the capital market way - opened up to international funding because of improvement in transparency and consistency of data.

  • Habits die hard. But it is imminently preferable to allow certain habits to die. Non dealing in Black Money is of course one of them.


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