Completed Project

Vibe - Homes in Jalladianpet


Vibe homes are for homing together. In 4 apartments, if the elderly father and mother stay in 1 apartment and the grown up office going married children and their families live in other 3 apartments, all of them will enjoy the independence of a nuclear family as well as the togetherness of a joint family. The elders also can rest, assured that if there is an emergency, their children are near-by to take care of them.

The beauty of Vibe Homes is that you need not leave your favorite location. Soon Vibe will be available close to you. So, you can continue to enjoy the pleasures of visiting your favorite devotional points, department stores, recreational centers... so on and so forth.

Vibe Homes are meant to be easy on your purse, as far as long term maintenance is concerned. Vibe Homes come with a rentable portion where the rents could sustain your long term maintenance. There are no fancy amenities to increase your cost of maintenance.

Our 4th Vibe project at Jalladianpet is a collection of 8 apartments.

Vibe - Homes in Jalladianpet