Completed Project

Vibe - Homes in Madipakkam


One of the strongest pillars of Vibe is 'No deviation' from approved plans. It is unfortunate that maximum deviations seem to be happening in micro-projects done by small developers and contractors. There are many developments in the city with very little set-backs between buildings. So much so that even a fire fighting engine cannot enter a building in terms of emergency.

It is amazing that people spend more diligence choosing a mobile phone over their own dwelling.

When you buy a Vibe Home, you can rest, assured that there will never be a situation where the authorities will threaten you with a tear down notice.

So, Vibe equals 'Peace of Mind'.

Our 5th Vibe project at Madipakkam is a collection of 8 apartments.

Vibe - Homes in Madipakkam