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Vibe - Homes in Pallikaranai


XS Real is known for its meticulousness. So, it is but natural that Vibe also has that tendency. When you buy a Vibe Home, the entire transaction follows a clear logical process without any documentation issues. As a Vibe Home buyer you will always be clear on the action to be taken at any stage of the transaction.

Behind the clarity of transaction which a Vibe customer enjoys there is a tremendous amount of effort by the Vibe team to make sure that you, the Home buyer is comfortably taken care of.

Our 6th Vibe project at Pallikaranai Ambal Nagar is a collection of 20 apartments.

Vibe - Homes in Pallikaranai


Dear Sir and Madam,

It has been a pleasure interacting with you ever since I booked my apartment at XS Real Vibe, Pallikaranai. You have been very attentive to my concerns and all our meetings so far have been prompt, friendly and fruitful.

I am also delighted to take delivery of my apartment no.PNE1D which was ready for handover before the promised delivery time. I have been interacting with you periodically and am happy to note that there was never an occasion when I had to follow-up with you for anything and also to note that I was always comfortable interacting with you. I also commend you for the transparency in your dealings with me and also for the high-quality of the work executed.

Ashok S. Nair

PN E1D, XS Real Vibe.
Pallikaranai, Chennai.

I am very happy to be associated with XS Real properties. The flat is completed on time and the finishing is good. All the best.


L. Adrian


I have booked a flat with XS Real Properties Pvt. Ltd at Ambal Nagar, Pallikaranai last year, and I am pleased by the construction and also the efficiency with which the apartment was completed within the stipulated period. The officials both at the construction site and in office gave me a wonderful leaving and I have to complement them also. I take this opportunity to congratulate them at this time of taking over.

Thank You,

K. Venkatachalam


Today I am very happy to see my apartment in a beautiful shape and to get possession of the same. Staff is very co-operative and also always accommodative. Many thanks to project and support teams for the gratuitous extended to me. We feel a great sense of gratitude towards them for their excellent quality of work/services in all the fields. Initially they had some retardation because of the labour issue, but never missed the dates after their new promise. Our Home dream comes true through XS REAL. This is not the end, it is a new beginning!!!

Thanks and Regards



Respected Sir/Madam,

I am happy with the support of the project team and the project is handed over on time. This kind of house is affordable for middle class family. A small suggestion from most of the members is there should be small changes inside the house have to be consider by the project team. When planning for bed room and kitchen please consider at least minimal part of vastu. Since we are putting (or) investing above Rs. 40,00,000/- there should be some flexibility to the customers. Apart from suggesting small things I am happy with entire XS Real Properties.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Chandra Sekaran S


The quality of construction is very impressive especially the windows & grills are secure. The Finishing on walls, tiles are good. The vibe team customer service is very impressive and responsive in answering all queries.




Dear XS Real

I am really touched by the punctual & consistent follow-up, updations and intimations on each and every stage of flat construction. Literally everything is taken care right from beginning to hand over of flat. More over I have been touched by the personal interactions with Mr. Vadivel, Mr. Sathish, Mr. Anand, Mr. Gurusamy in the site & Mr. Siva, Mr. Siva Kumar, Mr. Balaji & Ms. Sariha @ the office interaction. I was overwhelmed when the arrangements for my housewarming was done exceptionally well. "KUDOS TO THE XS REAL TEAM". Actually got new friends for Life.

With Love,

ARS Rajini Kandh

Dear XS Real

We are very much pleased and excited by the way you supported us for my housewarming on the below

1) Safety - Did great job in providing the Safety railing/ Handrail along the steps, lift and the compound. Which shows XS real is committed for the Safety first
2) House Arrangments – Getting it ready on time with complete cleaning and required support for decoration/arrangements etc

Thank you very much for your warm support in successfully completing my house warming in the safe way.

Special Thanks to Vadivel, Anand, Satish & Gopal for extended support.

Thanks & Regards

Rajesh Maddukuri